Work Request FAQs


Work Request FAQs


Q. How am I charged for work service requests?

A. Clients and customers who have purchased web site maintenance or management packages are charged against those packages based on the terms of the package's agreement . All other request are charged at our regular hourly rates.

Q. How long will our work request take?

A. I-Span is committed to upholding our standard of quality and efficiency with each work request submitted to us. Typically, as a client you can expect one to two business days delivery from the time of the request.

Q. What if we need our work request sooner?

A. In the event you need an item sooner, you can specifically request an "URGENT" status with your request. I-Span usually will honor the occasional *URGENT* status whenever possible and with no additional charge. However, there may be times when additional resources are required to fulfill an *URGENT* status. If that is the case, you will be notified and an additional charge will be incurred upon approval by you.

Q. Can we mark all our work requests as "URGENT"?

A. In the event there are more than one *URGENT*, requests in at one time, a reply back is sent to each with a specific estimate as to when you can expect completion.

Q. Can we always expect 1-2 business days turnaround?

A. Generally yes, but in the event that work requests are unusually heavy or specific resources unavailable, the delivery day may be pushed out. In that instance, you will be notified in advance.

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